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May’s Ipsy Haul!

This month’s Ipsy theme is Destination Chic. And that makes me think of Josh Gates, as in Destination: Truth. I likes me some Josh Gates. His show Expedition Unknown makes you feel like you’re on the travels with him, sharing in the adventure, the fun, and the goofiness. (Of course he’s cool, though – he and I share a birthday!)

2016 05 19 May items bag

love how they’ve done an envelope-style bag this month! It came in three different colors: pink, purple, and blue. Lucky me, I got my favorite color!  And now, for what came inside…  Continue reading “May’s Ipsy Haul!”

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Sephora PLAY! – Box #6 (February)

Sephora PLAY! is currently only out in Houston and Dallas, TX, Boston, MA, and the Cincinnati/Columbus area of Ohio. There might be a couple more areas now, but I’m not sure. All the items come in this nice box, great for storage, and placed prettily inside. It also has a booklet with it, and the “title” of this month’s box is: Now & Later. Isn’t there a candy by that name? The booklet is pretty cool, going through each of the items in the box, now giving either tips or how-to steps. In the back there are five more tips for the items, how to match them up with each other, and the Play!Pass. The Pass entitles us to one-on-one advice from someone at Sephora (which I think just comes with walking in the door, really), and if you scan the Pass when you are shopping, you are awarded a bonus 50 Beauty Insider points.

2015 09 24 Play_ box

The booklet that came with it:

2016 02 23 booklet


Continue reading “Sephora PLAY! – Box #6 (February)”

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This Weekend!

Ahhh, yes – I think I know where I’m going to be this weekend – at least for a few hours!

(from the Sephora site)
(from the Sephora site)

I promise I’ll try not to spend too much money – and I’ll show you guys what I got if I get stuff!


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Subscription Box: Sephora Play! Test Market

While I’m still unhappy with Sephora’s Epic Rewards Fail earlier this month, I have no reason to boycott them, personally. So when I got the email that I was accepted for the first wave of their new subscription box, of course I said okay! Lucky to be living in one of the two test markets!

According to the Sephora website, this is the description of Play!:

PLAY! by SEPHORA is a subscription box program. Each month we deliver six coveted products, a PLAY! BOOK of tips and tricks, and a PLAY! PASS for in-store learning — all to your doorstep.

And what is included? Continue reading “Subscription Box: Sephora Play! Test Market”

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August’s Ipsy Haul

I have to admit, I wasn’t that thrilled when I saw my sneak peek at my Ipsy bag this month. Yay for the nail polish, but the rest was just meh to me. Then I got it, tried the things, and decided these were things to be happy about after all. What a nice surprise!

2015 08 16 August full

I love retro, so you know I loved that bag. It would have been cooler if it was fabric instead of plastic, but I’m not going to complain. I had to laugh a bit that the Ipsy gang associated houndstooth with prep school. It always reminds me of my grandmother – she was buried in her favorite houndstooth dress, and I want to say she had a houndstooth coat as well as her camel-colored coat. It makes me think glamorous! And now, for what came inside…  Continue reading “August’s Ipsy Haul”

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July’s Ipsy Haul

Ipsy, Ipsy, Ipsy… sometimes you get it so so right, and other times you get it just horribly wrong.

This month you got it really right!

July's Ipsy bag for me!
July’s Ipsy bag for me!

Let’s start with the bag. I love it- it’s just bright and fun, and the inside matches the blue zipper – which happens to be one of my favorite shades. Oh, and that oddball weird plastic/ chemical smell we have more times than not with the Ipsy bags? Not with this one! I don’t know if that’s because it’s canvas or what, but I do now I was happy, and so was my nose.

The bronzer is:  Continue reading “July’s Ipsy Haul”