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Where I Am Pt. 2

Another thing that has been weighing on me a lot (no pun intended) has been just that – my weight. By this time last year, I’d lost 29.8 pounds since around the beginning of December 2015. Anyone in Weight Watchers might remember that Thanksgiving as the day Oprah took over the site and apps. (It was a complete goat rope, you guys.) Then my friend Dee came to visit in late March, and I took a week off from dieting. And then a month. And then would try to restart only to fall off again.

As of right now… *goes to weigh on the bathroom scale* … my total weight loss from back then is a miserable 0.6 pounds. I gained back 29.2 pounds and am nearly right back where I began.

I can feel it, too. I don’t have the energy I had. I can feel myself Continue reading “Where I Am Pt. 2”

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Weighty Wednesdays (Weight Watchers Weigh-Ins!) – Oh, Maaaan

On March 17 I posted that I’d reached two of my goals in Weight Watchers: 25 pounds lost and 10% of my starting body weight lost. Yay!

On March 31 my friend Deanna came to visit for nearly a week.

And there went my momentum. I decided to not even attempt to track those two weeks she was here (my week change was in the middle of her visit) because there was a lot of restaurant-going and all. Then I didn’t track the next week all that well. I tracked after that, but just wasn’t “making good food choices”.

As proof of actually going to the meetings, though, I can show you all I got the Find Your Adventure charm! I received this on April 6. 2016 04 06 Find Your Adventure 2

Since then, I’ve gained six pounds (argh!!!) and finally finally yesterday weighed in with a loss of 0.8 pounds. So at least the numbers are going the right way again.

This week I am definitely back to tracking properly, and going to try and track things either the night before or that morning for the day. I’ve been doing this oddball tracking bit that some people find easier: Anything I eat after about 4:30 or 5:00pm tonight will be tracked on tomorrow’s dinner or snacks. Anything that’s listed in my dinner for tonight was eaten for last night’s dinner. Any snacks I’ve tracked under today were eaten from 4:30pm yesterday through about 4:30pm today.

And…. I’m joining in with Elisabeth (Everything & Nothin’) and her friends Brie (Laqing In Creativity) and Japs (MissInformation) to do the Chubby Girl Gets Skinny lifestyle change journey. It’s a super idea – we all join together (that means you, too, if you want!) to trade tips and tricks and anecdotes and praise and keep us all on track! You don’t have to do it to lose weight, just exchange some of your unhealthy habits for healthier ones. Give yourself goals like walking more, or finding time to meditate. Anything that helps you get to an even better you! So go check out their blogs and see what’s up, and follow them, too – they’re great!



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Weighty Wednesdays (Weight Watchers Weigh-Ins!) – Two Goals Reached!

So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about Weight Watchers. One of the reasons was because I was still none too happy with the way they changed over the program. The tech snafus were ridiculous. No one seemed to have good answers for lots of things, and I think that’s simply because they didn’t know.

During all that, on January 6 to be exact, I weighed in at 25.60 pounds under my starting weight. Holy cow and columbus! I got to my 25 pound mark and to my 10% mark! (That’s when you lose 10% of your starting weight.)

2016 06 06 25lbs and 10 percent

For both of those achievements, you get a charm. And y’all know I’m all about the bling!

I know it’s March, and I’m only now getting around to posting this – hells, I just finally took the charms out of their little bags and put them on my keychain to take the photo this morning. But there you have it. I’ve been stalling out on my weight loss, and actually gained back a few pounds for two weeks prior to today, but my weigh in last night showed me at 28.60 down from my original weight – 1.4 pounds away from 30 pounds lost. It took awhile, but I also wasn’t really really sticking to the diet, either. Hey, I’m grateful I didn’t gain more than I did!

More about Weight Watchers, the new program, and Oprah later. I just felt it was way past time for me to share this with you guys.


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Weight Watchers: Beyond The Scale… and A Bit of a Rant

As of last week, Weight Watchers transitioned from “PointsPlus” to a new program called “Beyond the Scale”. The hype on it I saw was mainly “It’s holistic!” and “Oprah loves it so much she bought part of the company!” neither of which makes me do cartwheels. (I remember Oprah’s takeover of the SciFi Network… sorry, SyFy now… and the appearance of wrestling. Because as we all know, the WWF and Stargate Command are pretty much the same.)

We were getting our first whiffs of this new program back in August or September at the meetings. WW was wanting the Leaders (who I think are now called Coaches, but that always makes me think of a 55 year old man in tight polyester shorts with a big tummy straining the button) anyway telling the Leaders to do things like dim the lights in the meeting room, play soft music, and have the members meditate. One week, we were apparently supposed to get in a circle. Lots and lots of “touchy-feely” stuff, that thankfully some Leaders knew better than to try and force onto their members. Believe me – in my group, it’d never fly.

The fonts and designs of the weekly handouts and weight records changed, going from a nice, clean font to Hipster Handwriting fonts. (Which I don’t mind, but it looks a bit out of place for WW.) They went from having people of all ages and builds in their photos to having models who might or might not be old enough to drink who obviously have never had anything more challenging with their weight than an extra five pounds they might have picked up when on vacation. That brought a hilarious conversation up in our meeting one evening.

Then they began messing around with the website. This I know can be placed right at Oprah’s Continue reading “Weight Watchers: Beyond The Scale… and A Bit of a Rant”

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Get Happy!

Over the summer, Weight Watchers did an incentive program called “Get Happy!”. If you attended 10 weekly meetings (not all in one week!) during the 12 weeks of summer, you got a smiley face charm to add to your keyring. I am such a sucker for these things!

Unfortunately, I began attending meetings one week too late – even though I went each week, I only got 9 little stars in my booklet. Boo!

Last Saturday, I went in to weigh in since I’d missed on Wednesday. Without thinking, I handed over the Get Happy booklet along with my weight log and membership card.

“Oh, did you already get your charm for this?” I was asked. No, but… She just smiled and nodded knowingly, and found me one. I guess one week late is fine! Yay!

Yes, I know – I am completely ridiculous when it comes to bling. I can’t help it. It’s like an addiction. Why do you think I love going for 5k’s all the time? (Well, as soon as I get back into shape for all the 5k’s I want to walk…)

2015 09 05 Summer Get Happy award


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Weighty Wednesdays (Weight Watchers Weigh-In!)

Gotta do a Weight Watchers post here…

Last week I went in to weigh in pretty sure I’d gained weight. Again. Not what I wanted at all, of course, but I just had that feeling. I didn’t gain, though – I lost 0.2 pounds. “Feel good that you had a loss, no matter what it was!” I think to myself. But I’m so close to my 15 pound mark!

Last night was another weigh in, and honestly? I was just not feeling it. I didn’t want to go weigh myself. I didn’t want to see the numbers go back up, because I was pretty sure they would.

See, I was a doofus for the past couple weeks. I didn’t drink enough water. Like at all. I’d eaten too much fast food. I’d been exercising, but I didn’t feel like that was enough to counter the bad eating. And lastly, I ate too much of these neat little sugar-free candy chips that were sweetened with Xylitol – which I have now learned can cause bloating, gas, and cramps. Oh, and makes you run to the little girl’s room a lot. *rolls eyes*

So yeah, I didn’t feel good at all, and wasn’t in the mindset to go to a meeting last night.

But I did.

And though I didn’t stay for the meeting, I learned that I had actually lost more weight – 1.6 pounds! I hit my 15 pounds lost mark! C’mon, guys – do a happy dance for me.

It feels as though I got a reprieve with that weight loss, so you bet I am making sure I do what I can to avoid backsliding (or would it be upsliding?) and gaining anything back. With this, I’ve got four pounds to go to hit 20 pounds off… eight pounds until I hit my 10% loss… and 9 pounds until I get to 25 pounds off. In the past, I’ve sidled up right close to that 20 pound mark, but always stopped short of it and wound up gaining weight back. I’m telling myself not this time. I’m insisting that won’t happen this time.

We’ll see, right?

Throw me a party at 21 pounds!


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NO!!! Why Did I Gain?

It’s just not fair!

I swam in the pool for two hours on Saturday and an hour and forty-five minutes Tuesday. I walked most of the other days, trying to step up the pace for the upcoming 5k. I was good with food, though I could have eaten more veggies, and really didn’t need that piece of cake a few days ago.

So why oh why was the scale up 1.6 pounds at weigh in last night???

Believe it or not, it was the exercise. As Karen, our intrepid WW leader explained to me, when you exercise a lot like I have the past week, your muscles become inflamed – they retain water and blood to help heal the damage you’ve done to them. And yes, I Googled it and that’s right. She laughed and told me not to worry about it, that I’m doing exactly the right thing. I’d heard that lots of exercise can make the scale go up instead of down, when you’d think it would be the opposite, but hey – I had to be sure I’d heard that right!

So now I am 3.8 pounds away from my next 5 pound mark. I’m not hitting myself over the head, though, like I would have in the past. Hey – I didn’t do anything wrong, and there’s a good reason for the gain! And I am still past the 10 pounds lost mark, which I had set as a goal for myself: 10 pounds lost by my birthday this Monday. My next big goal is finishing the 5k in under an hour – even if it’s 59:59999 on the clock! I’m in the mood to go out and walk a long-for-me distance, but it’s pouring rain out there.

I know that’s not a good excuse, but I’ll wait a bit longer to see if the rain will stop. There’s always the indoor track later on!