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June’s Ipsy Haul

Ipsy wasn’t too bad this month. Okay, okay – I saw a bunch of nail polishes go out and really wished I would have nabbed one of those! On the whole, though, Ipsy did good for me.

June's Ipsy haul
June’s Ipsy haul

The bag this month felt like a wetsuit on one side, and had “ipsy” textured into the other. It was cute, and I already used it for an overnighter! I have to admit I loves me my bags and boxes. I’m a container freak, I guess – ven though I’m not nearly as organized as you’d think I’d be with all those storage bits lying around.

The foundation primer is:  Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I was thrilled when I saw that little tube in my bag! I’ve always wanted to try this, but wasn’t sure about dropping $36.00 for the full size and then discovering I didn’t care for it. Now, after trying it, I really love it. It’s oil-free, goes on smoothly, and leaves my skin feeling like silk.

The lip stain is: J. Cat Beauty’s Liptitude Hydrating Lip Stain. The color I received was Hikilicious. I’m not that enthused by the color, though if I use in underneath other lip stuff it’ll probably be great. The applicator is a straight, thin sponge on the end of a plastic wand, and I actually like that. I know it’s not the doe-foot most people would prefer, though. The smell is minty but not overwhelming, and the formula is nice – it’s really not drying out my lips at all while giving them the stain it’s supposed to. I will say – if you don’t blot your lips (and blot them well!) you’re going to have this stuff coming off onto everything.

The eyeliner is: Intensively Precise Eyeliner by Aurora. I got the shade Blackberry – and the container says this little guy is waterproof, smudgeproof, alcohol free, paraben free, and perfume free! The applicator is a small felt-tip, which I really like. Unfortunately, I am not the best at putting fine lines on my eyelids, but I guess I’m really going to begin practicing, huh? I had just bought the Benefit’ s They’re Real! Push Up Eyeliner soI didn’t really need another one, but I don’t mind adding to my little stash – plus it gives me the chance to compare the two.

The eyeshadow crayon is: treStique Mini Shadow Crayon. They sent me the shade Marimoto Pink Pearl, which looks more like a coppery gold to me than a pink pearly color. I’ve used this a couple times, and it’s nice. I like layering other powder shadows over it, letting the crayon’s color lightlight the center of my eyelid. The full sized version also has a smudger on the back of the tube, but that’s not included in the mini.

The eye pads are: Altcheck MD DePuff Eye Pads. I admit – I haven’t tried these yet. The reviews are really mixed, though a lot of the less-than-stellar reviews seem to be from people who don’t want something like this or who wouldn’t have a use for them. Hey, I’ll use them! I just haven’t had a reason to yet.

I can hardly wait to see what July brings! And if you’d like to try these monthly gifties, too, here’s the link to get you started: Get Started With Ipsy!



Syd is a Midwestern girl who doesn’t think the term “girl” is sexist in the least – especially after she left her 20s. She holds a huge love for history (from WWI through the end of WWII, Victorian, Regency, and Elizabethan eras), some science fiction, and likes to pass the time reading, working with photography and needlework, and writing things. Lots of things. Syd likes to dance, too, but she looks like an utter goob doing so!

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