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Thursday Thankfuls: Walking

Yesterday I walked 1.25 miles outside. I know that’s really not a lot, and I realize it’s kind of slow since I did it in 26 minutes, but I’m still proud. It was just a couple weeks ago that I could only walk about half a block before needing to hit my asthma inhaler and turn around to come home! Part of that was the high pollen count at the time, too, but it doesn’t make me any less proud of how far I’ve come.

Today I managed about 2.1 miles on the beautiful bike path out back. I kept wanting to walk farther, but decided it might be best to not push it too much just yet. How bad would it suck to injure myself again because I was too impatient to work back up to where I was?

So – I am thankful for walking, for the lovely neighborhood (with sidewalks!) and the bike path, and even for all the rainy, cloudy weather because that has kept the temperature down and nicer to walk in. How about you?

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Thursday Thankfuls: A Successful First Week

My first week on Weight Watchers is done. (Okay, so it’s the first week of my umpteenth return. It still counts!) All week I tracked. I tracked everything. Even when I drank bottles of water. I tracked the ice cream and the fried chicken and the pasta I ate. I didn’t really exercise because I was being pretty lazy.

And I still Continue reading “Thursday Thankfuls: A Successful First Week”

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Thursday Thankfuls: Going Back Again

Last night, I did it. I walked back into Weight Watchers for a meeting. I’d already signed back up online that morning – though the site still won’t give me my membership card – and I reconnected my ActiveLink right after. Part of me kept trying to convince the rest of me that I didn’t need to stay for the meeting. I can just go in, redo the paperwork, and weigh in. Period. Just walk right back out after that. Which yes, I could do… but I forced myself to turn around and walk into the meeting room. I even took my old seat in the very front, though I was tempted to slink in one of the back rows. (The one thing that kept me from doing that was I didn’t know if those were “claimed seats”, where someone always sat. You know how that happens in group settings!)

On the white board at the front of the room, the Leader (I just can’t bring myself to call them Coaches – makes me thing of the football and basketball coaches in their coach shorts in high school) had written this bit of inspiration:


It’s not happiness that brings us gratitude

It’s gratitude that brings us happiness.

And the front of the weekly newsletter has this emblazoned on it:

2015 07 02 WW weekly

I just had to laugh – what a perfect time for me to return, when Weight Watchers is sounding like The Secret!

I left there last night telling myself this is it – this time I am making it work. My birthday is five weeks away; I hope to maybe lose ten pounds by then. Renaissance Faire here in Ohio begins in September and goes through til October 25 – I want to have shed fifteen or maybe twenty pounds by the time we go (assuming we go this year). I’ve also taken my measurements, not just the few they have for the WW app, but in an Excel spreadsheet I found online. When there’s a time that the scale isn’t showing me what I need to see, I hope the measurements will.

This time, this time, this time!

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Thursday Thankfuls: A Good Book On A Rainy Day

Rain, rain, rain. All morning and through to afternoon it’s been raining. There’s just something about the rain that makes me just want to do nothing at all.

The mail brought something for me this morning, however – my first book from Bethany House to review! So instead of feeling totally meh and just not wanting to do anything, I not only had some blog stuff to catch up on, but a new book to read – and just in time, too, as I finished my other book last night.

Give me a few weeks, and you’ll see my review for Irish Meadows, the first novel by Susan Anne Mason. So far it’s pretty good!


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Thursday Thankfuls: Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s

When I moved out of Southern California to Oklahoma, two things I missed (other than the beach and the weather!): Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. While I lived in Oklahoma City, they were getting ready to open a Whole Foods, but it was still being built when I moved away in July, 2011. No sign of a Trader Joe’s, though.

I found myself in Ohio in the wee hours of August 1. Did I go straight to my new home? Nope. Hims had been driving for 14 hours, but he knew… oh, the man knew… Instead of finding a nice patch of floor to flop down on to sleep, he drove me to the local Trader Joe’s. I danced in the parking lot, shrieking for joy. (I really did!) Then we went to the apartment to sleep a bit before unloading the van.

My kitchen has been “stapled” with Trader Joe’s items ever since then. We shop at the wonderful local store Dorothy Lane, and we go to the farmers’ markets for eggs and produce, but we are mainly a Trader Joe’s household. You have to admit – their packaging is fun and their food is great, and the prices are pretty damn good, too.

When Whole Foods finally opened its doors last week after being under construction for months, we had to go. Not because we are going to switch groceries, but because Whole Foods is that other little bit of California rememberings. The first thing to greet us when we walked in:

Have a seat in a shopping basket while enjoying your Shiraz!
Have a seat in a shopping basket while enjoying your Shiraz!

I had to laugh – it looked more like a cocktail party than a grocery store. It was Friday evening, and probably 4/5 of the people in there were dressed quite nicely and had a wine glass in hand. That’s great! They had little wine stations throughout the store, with samples of different foods for people to try. There was a jazz band playing, and people were sitting down and having dinner.

Just recently another healthier-alternatives grocery store opened up in the area. Fresh Thyme. Pretty much the same people showed up for their grand opening, too, though after the new wore off, they seemed to gravitate back to where they were originally shopping for the most part. I wonder if the same thing will happen to Whole Foods? (I sort of doubt it, at least not as much.)

At any rate, I’m really happy Whole Foods has joined Trader Joe’s (and Dorothy Lane and Dots) in the neighborhood. Always good stuff to be had there, and the more competition, the better for prices, right?



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Thursday Thankfuls: Air Conditioning!

As much as I love history, as much as I would be thrilled to be able to travel through time (still looking for a Time Lord or a Voyager out there, yanno), as much as I would totally geek out on being able to experience different points in the past, there’s one thing I’d hate to not have: air conditioning.

Okay, so there are a few more things like Advil and non-dairy flavored creamer and Trader Joe’s. And proper toothbrush and toothpaste.

Today we are muggy with the temperture looking into the 90s, and there is an air pollution alert on. This is when I love my air conditioner the most! Believe me, I’ve lived through a summer of record breaking heat in Oklahoma City a few years back, and I longed for a good air conditioner then.

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Thursday Thankfuls: Noisy Birds and the Bike Path

This may sound just silly, but you know what I’m thankful for this morning? Birds. Seriously! I love waking up to fresh, early morning air filled with the twitter and warble of birds.

Remember a few months ago, when I was bemoaning the frigid temperatures and wishing for spring? Birdsong reminds me as I wake up that I’m not waking to a bleak, gray day where the temperature might get above 40° if I’m lucky. Today will get into the low 70s with abundant sunshine – a perfect day for a long walk.

I know I’ve mentioned the neighborhood bike path before. At this time of year it’s filled with flowers, with bright green canopies of leaves, and all sorts of birds singing to each other and chittering away at squirrels who try to get too close to nests. The sounds and scents of the area tend to encourage me as I walk, making me want to go just a little farther, see if I can find out which bird is making that pretty song, or where that squirrel hid, or just to enjoy the spring day. Nearly all the people I pass on my walks are friendly. They smile, say hello, and sometimes we even have a small conversation. No one is in a big rush to get somewhere else, and only a few people look with a scowl and anyone else around them. (I feel sorry for those individuals, because everything’s so much nicer when people greet each other and smile. Do I sound naive? I’m not, which makes these greetings all the nicer.)

If you have a chance today, stop, close your eyes, and just listen to the birds. It’s worth a few moments of time.

2014 04 15 sparrow
April 15 last year – poor sparrow was NOT happy with the late snow, and neither was I!

I also just found that I can place a degree symbol in my post, so I no longer have to use the asterisk in its stead! See? A bonus thankful thing.