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My “What I Got For Christmas” Post

I figured because we are taking down all the Christmas decorations this weekend, it was time for me to do this post. Especially since I’ve been wanting to write it for a couple weeks now!

December was very temperate, about which I certainly didn’t complain. It was so nice outside that Hims and I went to one of the shopping centers on the 22nd and spent a nice afternoon walking around in the sunshine. In November, I’d seen the mall maintenance putting together the Christmas tree they display in the park area in the center. I love how it looked finished!

2015 12 22 Greene

Yes, that’s me in front of it…

2015 12 22 Greene me CU

Of course, we had our own tree at home. Actually, this was the first year since 2011 that we had it up, for various reasons. It felt good to Continue reading “My “What I Got For Christmas” Post”

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A Divine Dressing Room!

Weekends should be fun and relaxing, right? Yeah… so naturally I choose Saturday morning to do weigh-in!

A few weeks ago, my Weight Watchers center changed the hours of their meetings as well as the hours of operation. Someone at the home office got the bright idea to make meetings an hour earlier (why, I couldn’t tell you). Because of this, the Wednesday night meeting I usually attend is a bit harder for me to get to. Instead of ditching it altogether, I go weigh in on Saturdays – or Friday morning if I remember.

This week I gained 1.6 pounds. That’s fine – I’ll lose it again! Maybe even by next week! I just have to keep on trying. (Besides, I’ll just blame that yummy Zuppa Toscana from earlier this week. Yeah, that’s it…)

After swallowing my pride at the scales this morning, Hims and I ran a few errands, ending up over at a shopping area called The Green. It’s mainly mid-high to high end there, but they do have a Torrid. You might or might not know this, but Torrid has this ongoing deal called haute cash. For certain weeks, any full-priced purchases will earn you $25 of haute cash for every $50 you spend in their stores or online. Then they will have about a two week window where you can spend that haute cash – which is essentially a 50% off coupon: if you have $100 in haute cash, you can get $200 worth of regular priced clothing and use your haute cash to pay for half of it. It’s a good little deal they have going on.

Over the past haute cash time, we collected $100 of the coupons. There was a dress Hims wanted me to try on, so off we went to Torrid at the Green, which opened only a few months ago. I tried on the dress, and…

Well, you know how people say “That dress wasn’t well-made. The fit wasn’t right.” In this case, it was much more: “My body isn’t made right for this dress.” At least it sure isn’t right now! As sad as I was to again be reminded how much I miss wearing pretty dresses (and how much pretty dresses dislike being squooshed and draped on my figure!), there were a few other things I was able to grab. Namely a few shirts, a light sweater, and a belt. All things I sort of needed, anyway, and more than I needed a pretty dress.

I do admit to breaking down in tears in the dressing room over the dress. It wasn’t so much that I couldn’t have the dress as I just looked awful in it. I just look awful in just about anything was my feeling right then. I look in the dressing room mirror and believe I should see myself as I was when I was thin. I know better, but that knowing doesn’t help.

So bless whoever designed the dressing rooms at this Torrid store – I think they have a good insight into the plight of the fat girl trying on clothing and having to inspect herself in front of a well-lit full length mirror. The dressing room was huge. Like bigger-than-a-walk-in-closet huge. And if soothing yet upbeat colors. And yes, I took photos on my phone!

Nice photos that don't scream "advertisement!", a mirror in a darker area for low-light, a cute little rug, and a nice bench.


I appreciate the little hook for the purse, and the photos that don’t scream advertisement! at you. The mirror back there in this corner is great to see what something would look like in a lower-light setting. And the cute little rug in front of the roomy bench is just perfect!

Torrid dressing room

This is from the middle of the dressing room – the middle! There is a soft light chandelier high on the ceiling above me, and you can see the lighting on one side of the brighter mirror. That’s a wonderful idea: it gives illumination you need, but in an all-over manner. I always dread dressing rooms because so many of them have overhead lighting, or spotlight-type lights up in the corners. It makes someone with a great figure look hideous (I know from when I had one!) and can bring down the most upbeat of bigger girls. Again, Torrid gets a win for the way they have their lighting. It’s flattering for the clothing and flattering for the customer.

Okay, unless the customer is me trying on a pretty dress, dontchaknow.

Torrid dressing room fan

And again with the win! The fan in the dressing room! What I didn’t get in this shot is the controls, with settings for off, lo, med, hi. Oh, and beneath that is a switch so you can choose to have the fan oscillate or remain still. Can you believe that? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve become uncomfortable in a hot, stuffy dressing cubicle. I had more things to try on, but who feels like trying on clothing when you are beginning to perspire? That’s just… gross. Torrid thought of this! Thank you!

With this, I am seriously considering a thank you email for the company, expressing how appreciated these changes are. I know I can’t be the only one, and I know I won’t be the only woman pleased to have a fan in the room when summer comes around. Now if only more shops would adopt this!