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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Yeah, so I am a total fan of My Big Fat Greek Wedding and My Life In Ruins. They make me laugh each time I watch them, even when it’s been a horrible day. (Which I just has on Tuesday – I might or might not write about it. But those two movies helped.)

Early this morning, Hims and I went to the theater for the first showing today of the sequel: My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Hey, when I saw the one-sheet advertising it when we went to see Pretty In Pink last month, I squealed right there in the theater hallway! Happiness, I tell you! But don’t let me try and mess up a review for you – watch the trailer for it:

I can tell you that while the theater only had about 20 people in it – hey, it was a 10:05 showing on a Friday morning! – everyone was laughing. Everyone. And not just a couple times, but through the whole thing. It helps a lot if you’ve seen the original movie, as there are a few funny references to it, but it’s not imperative. Of course, someone will probably need to explain the Windex to you…

Really, go see it. It’s even better in the theater.

2016 03 25 Big Fat Greek Wedding mod


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And A Happy Valentine’s Day!

I was treated to a Valentine’s Day lunch yesterday afternoon: Osaka Sushi. He tries the Katsu fish for a change, and I got Philadelphia roll, spicy tuna roll, and salmon roll. YES, half of that was brought home for dinner!


Yummy sushi for ME!
Yummy sushi for ME!


Katsu fish - another win!
Katsu fish – another win!


Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone – and keep warm if it’s cold where you live!