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Where I Am Pt. 2

Another thing that has been weighing on me a lot (no pun intended) has been just that – my weight. By this time last year, I’d lost 29.8 pounds since around the beginning of December 2015. Anyone in Weight Watchers might remember that Thanksgiving as the day Oprah took over the site and apps. (It was a complete goat rope, you guys.) Then my friend Dee came to visit in late March, and I took a week off from dieting. And then a month. And then would try to restart only to fall off again.

As of right now… *goes to weigh on the bathroom scale* … my total weight loss from back then is a miserable 0.6 pounds. I gained back 29.2 pounds and am nearly right back where I began.

I can feel it, too. I don’t have the energy I had. I can feel myself Continue reading “Where I Am Pt. 2”

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Hey, Is That Spring Out There???

Sunday evening, I used Target gift cards I’d hoarded for a few years to purchase the new-ish (but new to Target!) Garmin Vivosmart HR. It came home with me, was plugged in and charged, and on my wrist in a few hours.

Then I decided to pair it with my LG V10 phone.

The original Vivosmart has you pressing down on the screen until it shows it’s ready. The HR has a button, so I pressed down on that. I saw a countdown, and assumed it was going into the right mode – it was a darkened room and I couldn’t read the teensy lettering that well. The thing turned off. Okay, I say to myself, no big deal. I press on the button again to turn it back on.


I hold the button down for a bit.


I repeat these things at varying intervals of hold-down-time, and even pass it to Hims to try and get it to turn on.


Not when it was plugged in to the computer, plugged in to the wall, standing alone…. all nothing. I even left it plugged in to the computer overnight (even though my PC wasn’t recognizing it) to see if that would get it to turn on in the morning. Need I say what happened?

So Garmin gets a call from me. A very nice gentleman listens to my issue with the product, and suggests a few things, all of which I’d already done. He tells me I should take it back to the store for an exchange. He’d heard of this happening rarely, and had only had one other customer himself that had this problem. I laugh and say “So I was lucky enough to find a lemon?” He laughs as well, agreeing.

Back to Target that evening for an exchange, and this one (so far!) seems to be working really well. The only complaint I have is that I have to wear it high on my wrist, above the wrist bone (I like wearing them below the bone, settled near my hand), and the hard tracker part presses on the bone at times. Ouch. I could wear it below the bone, but apparently that doesn’t give a good heart rate reading.

It’s pretty lightweight, although it’s a big large. Well, I guess it’s about the same size as a regular watch, and since this has a watch feature on it, it gets a pass. The band is a softer rubbery material now – more like a watchband than the last ones I had were. (I had the VivoFit2 and the original VivoSmart before.) One of the ladies at Weight Watchers last night asked me why I chose the Garmin over the FitBit HR, which is what Weight Watchers is selling in their meeting rooms now, and my answer was very simple: I can swim with this on. The FitBit isn’t waterproof at all. It’s barely water-resistant. I’ve heard of it having issues just from being in the rain on your wrist. I’m not saying they are all like that – I have a marathon-running friend who likes hers, and she has actually been in the pool with it on and sweated bucketloads during intense workouts, and her FitBit still works fine. I just don’t want to take that chance – plus I’m kinda partial to Garmin, anyway. 🙂

2016 03 6 Garmin Vivosmart HR


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About That 5K

I used to think there was no way I’d be able to do a 5K. No way! I mean, me run 3.1 miles? Okay… me walk 3.1 miles, even? Yeah, sure – I used to walk all over the place, every day, all the time. That was before I gained all this weight, though. No way could I do it!

In 2011, though, I decided what the hell – I was going to try and walk the 5K at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, even though I hadn’t been walking regularly for over a year. (I lived in Oklahoma City then.) The first time I ever went to a health & fitness expo was that year to pick up my race packet. I was surprised it wasn’t just full of jocks and people I’d have absolutely nothing in common with. One of the ladies with a runner’s magazine (I can’t remember which) began talking with me, and when she found out I was going to try the 5K, she said “Remember – no matter what, at least you tried. That’s more than many people can say.” Goofy me got all choked up over that!

The morning of the race was filled with lightning and thunder, and I was filled with paranoia and anxiety. What if I can’t find a parking space? What if I have to walk a mile and a half to the starting line and then can’t walk much more? What if I can’t even find the starting line? Do I even belong with these people? I can barely Continue reading “About That 5K”

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As embarrassing as this is to admit, I am terribly nervous about the 5k this Friday! What if I can’t walk the whole way? What if it’s too hot and I start feeling dizzy? (That’s happened a couple times this summer.) What if I have to take the sag wagon all the way to the end and admit I now have a Did Not Finish for this year instead of another finisher’s medal? (I know – it’s not like a winner’s medal, but we walkers are damn proud of finish medals, too!) What if something happens to my feet or to one of my knees?

I let awful thoughts like this run rampant in my head. It’s not that I want them to – but that I can’t figure out a way to stop them from taking over. I know I can’t be the only one!

Thursday we go to pick up our race packets. Friday we go for the 5k. I know we’ll be grabbing a few things at the Expo, too, like a holy grail item I discovered last year! This is NOT an advertisement for them at all, but just me passing it along – the stuff is a topical pain reliever called Real Time Pain Relief. I doubted it would be effective at all until I tried it at the Expo last year. I get nerve pain in my right hand and wrist – hell, from the right side of my neck all the way down to my fingertips, and so far the only thing that would work would be a bunch of Advil and a really hot hot heating pad. So I tried this stuff and was totally sold when, within ten minutes, the pain in my hand and wrist was gone. (Oh, and it doesn’t stink at all, either!) Through the year, I’ve used it when I’ve had pain flare-ups and when Hims would have backaches, and have now reached the end of the tube. Definitely buying more this year!

Yeah – hopefully they will be there this year…

Another thing I am looking forward to is the plethora of t-shirts that One More Mile always has. Most of them are geared for runners, but you can always find a few that totally work for walkers, as well.

Maybe if I just keep my mind on swag and silly t-shirts, I won’t worry so much about not finishing the walk? Yeah… even thinking about that has made me start thinking about not finishing the walk. Good grief!

As long as I finish… I’m not even aiming for finishing in under an hour this time. Just finishing!


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NO!!! Why Did I Gain?

It’s just not fair!

I swam in the pool for two hours on Saturday and an hour and forty-five minutes Tuesday. I walked most of the other days, trying to step up the pace for the upcoming 5k. I was good with food, though I could have eaten more veggies, and really didn’t need that piece of cake a few days ago.

So why oh why was the scale up 1.6 pounds at weigh in last night???

Believe it or not, it was the exercise. As Karen, our intrepid WW leader explained to me, when you exercise a lot like I have the past week, your muscles become inflamed – they retain water and blood to help heal the damage you’ve done to them. And yes, I Googled it and that’s right. She laughed and told me not to worry about it, that I’m doing exactly the right thing. I’d heard that lots of exercise can make the scale go up instead of down, when you’d think it would be the opposite, but hey – I had to be sure I’d heard that right!

So now I am 3.8 pounds away from my next 5 pound mark. I’m not hitting myself over the head, though, like I would have in the past. Hey – I didn’t do anything wrong, and there’s a good reason for the gain! And I am still past the 10 pounds lost mark, which I had set as a goal for myself: 10 pounds lost by my birthday this Monday. My next big goal is finishing the 5k in under an hour – even if it’s 59:59999 on the clock! I’m in the mood to go out and walk a long-for-me distance, but it’s pouring rain out there.

I know that’s not a good excuse, but I’ll wait a bit longer to see if the rain will stop. There’s always the indoor track later on!

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Wednesday Weight Watchers Weigh-Ins

Going to the meeting last week, I was considering skipping the weigh-in. (You’re allowed to do that once a month, but they suggest you refrain.) I’d just weighed in on Saturday, and honestly? I was afraid I would come in over the 10 pounds lost mark. Still, I put my purse and glasses on the counter, kicked off my shoes, and did it.

And I’d lost another 1.6 pounds! That’s 0.2 pounds away from my 5% goal, too! (The 5% goal is losing 5% of your starting body weight. There’s a 10% goal, too – which I am now 11.2 pounds away from.)

My second five pounds star, and the Four Week Attendance keychain!
My second five pounds star, and the Four Week Attendance keychain!

After all that happiness at the meeting – I was lax during Continue reading “Wednesday Weight Watchers Weigh-Ins”

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An Experiment

Last week, I began a little experiment with myself. I’d read recently that drinking 16 oz. of cold water first thing in the morning helps wake you up, flush out the toxins, and could even help you lose weight. Hey, I think, why not try it? If nothing else, it’s good for rehydration after a full night’s sleep.

It started out easier said than done. The first couple mornings I found myself practically forcing the water down. Sip, sip, sip, put the bottle down for a few seconds, sip, sip, sip, sip. I was taking deep breaths before a round of sipping, as though I was about to dive under water. I seemed to slosh with each step for about an hour afterward. Ugh!

By the third morning, my body seemed to decide it didn’t mind this new practice. I drank my bottle of water quicker and didn’t feel so sloshy. The fourth and fifth mornings were the same.

Confession: This morning I wasn’t thinking and drank half a cup of coffee before remembering to grab that morning bottle of H2O. Guess what I’m drinking now?

Have I noticed any weight loss? Nope, not yet.

Does it help me wake up? It seems to. Granted, I follow the water with coffee, but the caffeine in coffee has never really been much of a stimulant for me in the mornings.

Is it flushing out toxins? Well, it makes me pee more, so I’d guess it’s helping to flush out bad stuff! It’s definitely helping me with rehydration in the morning. I usually just go with coffee in the morning, but I can feel the water perking up my brain (or maybe I’m just imagining that!) after I drink it.

As it’s only been six days so far, the jury is still out on the continued benefits of this practice. Plus, since I dislike really cold drinks, I’ve only been using cool water and not the cold water that’s recommended. I don’t know how much difference that makes, if any.

2015 05 18 Dior Bouquet 457

For the beginning of my water experiment, I wanted to wear something classic on my nails, with a name that matched my hopes. Why? Because it makes me feel pretty! It also gave me a reason to redo my nails, as though I really need a reason to do that, right? Grasping a water bottle a couple days ago, my nails are sporting Dior’s lovely Bouquet from their Spring 2014 collection. Bouquet – flowers blooming in water. Okay, so it’s a stretch…

It’s a beautiful sunny day with the high nearing 70° later on. There is a nice long weekend coming up, and I have some laundry to do. Another thing I’m incorporating into my daily routine: wearing my pedometer again! The laundry room is a nice walk – far enough to get some exercise in, but close enough to walk back and forth and not just sit there while the machines are going.

Here’s to a great day for everyone!