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July’s Ipsy Haul

Ipsy, Ipsy, Ipsy… sometimes you get it so so right, and other times you get it just horribly wrong.

This month you got it really right!

July's Ipsy bag for me!
July’s Ipsy bag for me!

Let’s start with the bag. I love it- it’s just bright and fun, and the inside matches the blue zipper – which happens to be one of my favorite shades. Oh, and that oddball weird plastic/ chemical smell we have more times than not with the Ipsy bags? Not with this one! I don’t know if that’s because it’s canvas or what, but I do now I was happy, and so was my nose.

The bronzer is: tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer. The shade is Park Ave Princess. Can I just say how much I was wanting this in my Ipsy bag? I’ve wanted to try this bronzer out for ages because I’ve heard good reviews on it, and so far it hasn’t disappointed! The color goes on light so you can build on it (great for me and my fair skin), and it’s not really matte nor really shiny – it’s just the right balance between the two. I’m going to use this for contouring along with the e.l.f. set I bought a few weeks ago.

The lip butter is: Jersey Shore Cosmetics Mongongo Nutrient Dense Lip Conditioner. The “flavor” in my bag is Vanilla Coconut Cream – yum! It smells great, and doesn’t overpower. It glides on sooo nicely and just feels wonderful on my lips. I was about to say heck with it and throw it into my giveaway drawer since I already have a ton of lip things, but now I’m glad I went on ahead and opened it.

The tweezers are: Crown Brush Professional Tweezers. These seem to be good tweezers. The points match up really well and they have a nice heft to them. (I hate using metal tools that are too light – it makes it feel as though they are going to break with the least bit of use.) I do already have a couple tweezers I always use, but a girl can’t have enough!

The eyeshadow is: Nicka K New York HD Quad Eyeshadow. Ipsy sent me the Sierra quad – yay! It looks like the other choice was one called Plumas, but don’t quote me on that – the photos on the site are really small. I was thrilled when I opened my bag and found Sierra in there, though! The top two are a goldish cream and a pinkish tan, with two muted purples on the bottom – perfect for my blue-green eyes. The color payoff is good, and I’m not seeing really much fallout – thank goodness, because I hate that. They are satiny and smooth and again, I really like them.

The perfume is: Jor’el Parker Classico. I was surprised when I looked on the website and saw that the little rollerball mini I received retails for $21.00. Wow! It’s not the usual style of perfume I use, but Hims really likes it. The scent reminds me of one of my childhood dance teachers, actually – not a bad thing at all, though! the website says: “Indulge in the spicy seduction of Indian Tuberose, the striking and sweet sensation of Turkish Cyclamen, and the purifying calm of Spanish Mandarin… Savor the delicate notes of South African Freesia, Japanese Orange flower, and Moroccan rose–Classico is like sipping a sweet Alsatian wine in the light of the sun! Hints of spicy Indonesian Clove Bud trickle in while deep and intriguing Australian Sandalwood carries you to a faraway land.” I think the sandalwood is what reminds me of the dance teacher!

This Ipsy bag kicked butt, you guys. Very, very, very good month for Ipsy. And if you’d like to try these monthly gifties, too, here’s the link to get you started: Get Started With Ipsy!

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