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August’s Ipsy Haul

I have to admit, I wasn’t that thrilled when I saw my sneak peek at my Ipsy bag this month. Yay for the nail polish, but the rest was just meh to me. Then I got it, tried the things, and decided these were things to be happy about after all. What a nice surprise!

2015 08 16 August full

I love retro, so you know I loved that bag. It would have been cooler if it was fabric instead of plastic, but I’m not going to complain. I had to laugh a bit that the Ipsy gang associated houndstooth with prep school. It always reminds me of my grandmother – she was buried in her favorite houndstooth dress, and I want to say she had a houndstooth coat as well as her camel-colored coat. It makes me think glamorous! And now, for what came inside… 

The hair oil is: Marc Anthony Nourishing Argan Oil of Morocco Oil Treatment. The Ipsy site says “this treatment is a lightweight oil used daily for strong, glossy, frizz-free hair”. Since I have been swimming so much, the ends of my hair have become quite crispy, so I decided to test this out on them. Now, three little drops is not enough for my waist-length hair, first off, so I applied about six drops from the middle of my hair down to the ends. It smells wonderful! And it seems to work, though I’m guessing it needs more than just a couple applications to see any real results.

The lip gloss is: Hikari Cosmetics Lip Gloss. They sent out two different shades: Salsa (classic red) and Merlot (intense red mauve). I usually wind up with the reds that have a bit too much orange tint in them for my complexion (even if they don’t look like they would), but this time I received Merlot – yay! It looks just stunning on me, and I am loving it. It’s not too sticky or slippery, which adds to its appeal for me. This is one of the products I might have to purchase when I run out!

The night cream is: La Fresh Group Good Night Night Cream. Meh. I don’t really care for things like this in my bag because I don’t often use them. In fact, I received their Good Day Day Moisturizer a few months ago. The packaging is great on these – I love that we can close it up if we don’t use everything at once. I might try both of them for a couple days to see how they work on my skin.  Still, I’d rather have received a perfume sample or another make-up. (But I can’t complain!)

The eye liner is: Doucce Ultra Precision Eye Liner in Black. This is a great eye liner. It’s easy to apply (which is a relief after my trying to train myself to use a felt-tip pen!), stays on nicely, and just does what an eye liner should do – defines my eye a bit. I really like this. It says it’s an “ultra precise moulded plastic eye pencil” – curious to see how this will work when I have to sharpen it!

The nail polish is: Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish in Elegantly Wasted. Yes! Nail polish! Out of curiosity, I went over to the Trust Fund Beauty site before this bag even got to me. I fell in love with their names before I tried their product – and the product didn’t disappoint, either! Names like Publicist on Speed Dial1st Degree DivaBut… Daddy, and the one I received: Elegantly Wasted. Love it! I can see myself “needing” to order a few of these in the not-too-distant future.

On the whole, a really good bag this month – very happy! And if you’d like to try these monthly gifties, too, here’s the link to get you started: Get Started With Ipsy!


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