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A Little Sephora Haul!

I love Sephora. I have to say it! The one I go to has a pretty good selection of everything, even though it’s not one of the larger stores. (I miss my Hollywood & Highland location!) There is a great mix of ages working there, which is something I can totally appreciate, and everyone I’ve talked with has seemed to know their stuff.

Today we went there for two things: Hims needed a new bottle of Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio, and I needed some more tinted moisturizer. Well, you know how things get…

First, this is the tinted moisturizer I use: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer (oil free) in Nude. I absolutely love this stuff! It doesn’t give full coverage, of course, but when I began using this I was tired of using thick foundation that rubbed off on my cheeks and nose and creased under my eyes and near my mouth if I dared crack a smile. And no, I wasn’t putting it on too thick! Some worked better than others, but whatever I was using before I switched was just being a pain. I mentioned this to a girl working at the Laura Mercier counter at Von Maur, and she told me about this tinted moisturizer. Love at first try. Thank goodness Laura Mercier was having some sort of promotion that week or I’d never have thought to check out their cosmetics. Now I’ve got a lovely eyeshadow palette, some concealer, and four beautiful lipsticks from them as well.

2015 06 13 Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer

In getting ready this morning – because I hate going to Sephora without makeup on for some reason – I realized my lash primer was pretty dead. Not a surprise since I’ve been using just a mascara the past month or so. I didn’t realize it until we were at the restaurant that Hims had done a sneaky sleight-of-hand and slipped a new primer into the mix! My I-love-this primer? Dior’s Diorshow Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. It really works well, at least on me, and paired with Diorshow mascara or my latest love from Benefit, it really helps make my sparse lashes look full and numerous!

2015 06 13 Diorshow Maximizer lash primer

I’ve been watching a lot of YouTube channels lately, mostly about cosmetics and beauty, and I’ve realized there are brushes out there I now know what they are for and I’d love to try them. One of these was a stippling brush, but instead of paying $35.00 for that specific brush, I learned from one of the employees that I could also use the Multitasker #45 brush for $24.00. Since I’m trying this out and not sure how much I will use it, I really didn’t want to pay the extra $11.00. Not just yet! She explained how it will work and how to apply foundation with it, so that’s one of the things on my plate for tomorrow – learn how to use this brush!

2015 06 13 Sephora Multitasker brush 45

Awhile back, I got some trial sizes of Tarte products. While I’ve never really used their things before, I have liked the minis. Today I was looking at the Tarte area and picked up the full size Maracuja Oil bottle, making a comment about it to Hims. I hadn’t thought to purchase it, but he asked me if I like it and if I use it. Well, yes to both things, though I did say I still have some in the trial bottle. He shrugged and told me to get this anyway, since we were there. I haven’t used this long enough to really give a decent review on it, but so far I love how it leaves my skin nice and soft. I’ll have to try it on my hair ends and my cuticles, too.

2015 06 13 Tarte Maracuja Oil

If you’ve ever been in a Sephora, you are well aware of the Gauntlet of Stuff they have you wind your way through while waiting for the cash register. Lots and lots of trial sizes (where I found the Tarte minis), smaller full-sized things, and special little seasonal offerings wait in their little plastic cubbyholes, begging you to pick them up and carry them to the cash register. Please try me! I’ve learned to take some times and just look around all of the little things there, to see if there’s anything I would really like to purchase, instead of allowing five or six of the things to leap into my shopping bag as the impulse buys they are meant to be. Today it paid off, too: I’ve been wanting to try one of the liner pens to compare them with the pencils I’ve always used, and while browsing the Benefit sectionI saw their They’re Real! Push-Up Liner. I already love their They’re Real mascara, so why not give this a try? Grabbing one for $24, I didn’t think any more about it until we came to the Gauntlet. If I hadn’t been taking my time, I probably would have missed it, but on the bottom cubby was a little black box with a full-size liner paired with a mini mascara and a mini eye makeup remover – all for the same $24.00! You know I had to get that.

2015 06 13 Benefit theyre Real liner pack

I love love love getting little trial sizes of things, and today was no exception. There must be a Thing about facial oils just going strong, because into my bag went a min of Estee Lauder’s Resilience Lift restorative radiance oil. Now “restorative” combined with the brand Estee Lauder makes me think “Did you give this to me because I’m over 30?” Because that’s how the brand always seemed to my friends and me before we hit 30 – it seemed like it was one of those cosmetic brands you used only after age 45 or so. I’m sure it wasn’t meant that way, and I don’t mean to come off as overly-sensitive. (Believe me, I’m not!) I think I find it more amusing anymore, while my 29-year-old self would have been miffed! Needless to say, I’ll sure give this a try, too.

2015 06 13 Estee Lauder mini Resilience Lift

All in all, it was a pretty good Sephora haul, I think. Lots of things I’ve been wanting or needed, and a good part of a really nice Saturday.

Note: I’m not sponsored in any way by any company I’ve mentioned, nor have I received any of their products for review. I’m just sharing what I like!


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