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May’s Ipsy Haul!

This month’s Ipsy theme is Destination Chic. And that makes me think of Josh Gates, as in Destination: Truth. I likes me some Josh Gates. His show Expedition Unknown makes you feel like you’re on the travels with him, sharing in the adventure, the fun, and the goofiness. (Of course he’s cool, though – he and I share a birthday!)

2016 05 19 May items bag

love how they’ve done an envelope-style bag this month! It came in three different colors: pink, purple, and blue. Lucky me, I got my favorite color!  And now, for what came inside… 

The lip treatment is: Hanalei Lip Treatment. The Hanalei Company is based in Honolulu, Hawaii – a place I would absolutely love to travel to! This treatment smells like a rich vanilla and has a nice taste to it. It looks like petroleum jelly when it comes out of the tube, and be careful, because it takes a bit to get it out, but then it deposits a large portion on your finger or brush. It feels very moisturizing, but it’s definitely there, like you don’t forget you’re wearing something on your lips.

The fragrance is: Etat Libre d’Orange Remarkable People Fragrance. At first whiff, I liked this scent. I sprayed it on my wrist and still thought it was nice. After smelling it for a few minutes, though, I was getting tired of it. It was almost… annoying. It made me think of the kids who would hang around the occult store in high school. Not the ones who were curious or were there for normal reasons, but the little group who would slouch around, glaring at people as they fingered black magic items they were never going to buy. (And no, not Goths.)  The smell was like it was staring at me, like it wanted to be noticed, but then would get huffy if I noticed it. *laffs* I know that totally makes no sense, but it’s what came to mind both times I tried this on. I think I will try and mix it with different scents and see if I can get it to smile. But honestly, I wouldn’t purchase this – it’s $149.00 for a bottle!

2016 05 19 May items part

The contour brush is: SLmissglam Small Contour W07 Brush. I love getting brushes in Ipsy, and I thought this brush was just too cute! The head is nice and soft, and it works really nicely for light contouring. Or blushing. Or highlighting. Anything! I was so excited I went to the website to try and find the brush itself. Well… it’s actually included in the White Glam Brush Book, which costs $325.00. Lots of brushes, and a nice bag, but I don’t really need that right now. If you are in the market for a new brush collection, these are super-cute with the two little rhinestones in the metal. They also come in white handles or pink.

The bronzer is: Hikari Shimmer Bronzer in Radiate. Hikari has been feeling the love from me for awhile now, thanks to Ipsy. I really have liked their products, and this shimmery bronzer is no exception. It goes on very light with just a touch of shimmer. Very soft and not chalky at all, and no fallout. I am going to adore wearing this this summer!

The mascara is: Smashbox X-Rated Mascara. Y’all, it’s Smashbox. Need I say more? I love Smashbox products, and I’m sure this new mascara won’t be an exception. Since I still have mascara I am using, I am going to wait to open this and try it, though it looks to be really good – a buildable mascara that (hopefully) doesn’t clump up.

Loving the Destination Chic bag this month! Even though the scent was a bit off-putting for me, the rest of it was pretty durn good. And I am still loving on the bag itself – wewt! It’s definitely one I will be using!

And… if you’d like to try these wonderful glam bags, too, here’s the link to get you started: Get Started With Ipsy! It’s only $10 a month, and no commitment! And they really do get it right much more often than not! 🙂



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