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Weighty Wednesdays (Weight Watchers Weigh-Ins!) – Oh, Maaaan

On March 17 I posted that I’d reached two of my goals in Weight Watchers: 25 pounds lost and 10% of my starting body weight lost. Yay!

On March 31 my friend Deanna came to visit for nearly a week.

And there went my momentum. I decided to not even attempt to track those two weeks she was here (my week change was in the middle of her visit) because there was a lot of restaurant-going and all. Then I didn’t track the next week all that well. I tracked after that, but just wasn’t “making good food choices”.

As proof of actually going to the meetings, though, I can show you all I got the Find Your Adventure charm! I received this on April 6. 2016 04 06 Find Your Adventure 2

Since then, I’ve gained six pounds (argh!!!) and finally finally yesterday weighed in with a loss of 0.8 pounds. So at least the numbers are going the right way again.

This week I am definitely back to tracking properly, and going to try and track things either the night before or that morning for the day. I’ve been doing this oddball tracking bit that some people find easier: Anything I eat after about 4:30 or 5:00pm tonight will be tracked on tomorrow’s dinner or snacks. Anything that’s listed in my dinner for tonight was eaten for last night’s dinner. Any snacks I’ve tracked under today were eaten from 4:30pm yesterday through about 4:30pm today.

And…. I’m joining in with Elisabeth (Everything & Nothin’) and her friends Brie (Laqing In Creativity) and Japs (MissInformation) to do the Chubby Girl Gets Skinny lifestyle change journey. It’s a super idea – we all join together (that means you, too, if you want!) to trade tips and tricks and anecdotes and praise and keep us all on track! You don’t have to do it to lose weight, just exchange some of your unhealthy habits for healthier ones. Give yourself goals like walking more, or finding time to meditate. Anything that helps you get to an even better you! So go check out their blogs and see what’s up, and follow them, too – they’re great!



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Weighty Wednesdays (Weight Watchers Weigh-Ins!) – Two Goals Reached!

So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted anything about Weight Watchers. One of the reasons was because I was still none too happy with the way they changed over the program. The tech snafus were ridiculous. No one seemed to have good answers for lots of things, and I think that’s simply because they didn’t know.

During all that, on January 6 to be exact, I weighed in at 25.60 pounds under my starting weight. Holy cow and columbus! I got to my 25 pound mark and to my 10% mark! (That’s when you lose 10% of your starting weight.)

2016 06 06 25lbs and 10 percent

For both of those achievements, you get a charm. And y’all know I’m all about the bling!

I know it’s March, and I’m only now getting around to posting this – hells, I just finally took the charms out of their little bags and put them on my keychain to take the photo this morning. But there you have it. I’ve been stalling out on my weight loss, and actually gained back a few pounds for two weeks prior to today, but my weigh in last night showed me at 28.60 down from my original weight – 1.4 pounds away from 30 pounds lost. It took awhile, but I also wasn’t really really sticking to the diet, either. Hey, I’m grateful I didn’t gain more than I did!

More about Weight Watchers, the new program, and Oprah later. I just felt it was way past time for me to share this with you guys.


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Hey, Is That Spring Out There???

Sunday evening, I used Target gift cards I’d hoarded for a few years to purchase the new-ish (but new to Target!) Garmin Vivosmart HR. It came home with me, was plugged in and charged, and on my wrist in a few hours.

Then I decided to pair it with my LG V10 phone.

The original Vivosmart has you pressing down on the screen until it shows it’s ready. The HR has a button, so I pressed down on that. I saw a countdown, and assumed it was going into the right mode – it was a darkened room and I couldn’t read the teensy lettering that well. The thing turned off. Okay, I say to myself, no big deal. I press on the button again to turn it back on.


I hold the button down for a bit.


I repeat these things at varying intervals of hold-down-time, and even pass it to Hims to try and get it to turn on.


Not when it was plugged in to the computer, plugged in to the wall, standing alone…. all nothing. I even left it plugged in to the computer overnight (even though my PC wasn’t recognizing it) to see if that would get it to turn on in the morning. Need I say what happened?

So Garmin gets a call from me. A very nice gentleman listens to my issue with the product, and suggests a few things, all of which I’d already done. He tells me I should take it back to the store for an exchange. He’d heard of this happening rarely, and had only had one other customer himself that had this problem. I laugh and say “So I was lucky enough to find a lemon?” He laughs as well, agreeing.

Back to Target that evening for an exchange, and this one (so far!) seems to be working really well. The only complaint I have is that I have to wear it high on my wrist, above the wrist bone (I like wearing them below the bone, settled near my hand), and the hard tracker part presses on the bone at times. Ouch. I could wear it below the bone, but apparently that doesn’t give a good heart rate reading.

It’s pretty lightweight, although it’s a big large. Well, I guess it’s about the same size as a regular watch, and since this has a watch feature on it, it gets a pass. The band is a softer rubbery material now – more like a watchband than the last ones I had were. (I had the VivoFit2 and the original VivoSmart before.) One of the ladies at Weight Watchers last night asked me why I chose the Garmin over the FitBit HR, which is what Weight Watchers is selling in their meeting rooms now, and my answer was very simple: I can swim with this on. The FitBit isn’t waterproof at all. It’s barely water-resistant. I’ve heard of it having issues just from being in the rain on your wrist. I’m not saying they are all like that – I have a marathon-running friend who likes hers, and she has actually been in the pool with it on and sweated bucketloads during intense workouts, and her FitBit still works fine. I just don’t want to take that chance – plus I’m kinda partial to Garmin, anyway. 🙂

2016 03 6 Garmin Vivosmart HR


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2016 Is Here!

2016 1 border

As grateful as I am for all of the good things that happened to and around me in 2015, I am also glad to see a new year arrive.

I decided this year I am not making any New Year’s Resolutions. Why? Because “resolution” sounds so much like “resolute”, and that word feels so somber and serious and resigned. So instead, I have goals for this coming year! 

One goal is, obviously, losing weight. I’ve lost five pounds in the past four weeks – Continue reading “2016 Is Here!”

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Blogging Challenge: Day 8 – Goals

Blogger Challenge mod“What are 5 current goals you have?”

  1. Get caught up on writing my NaNoWriMo novel, and then finish it this month. I’ve only got 2,723 words out of the 11,667 words I should have had my midnight last night. I am so awful – I haven’t written in three days. Okay, I haven’t written on my novel. I have, however, written on this blog. Good for the blog, but bad for my novel! Guess what I am going to do after I post this post? (And get some coffee. And feed the cats.)
  2. Lose weight. That’s been a goal for quite a few years now. And I’m doing it – I’ve just stalled out at the 16 pound mark yet again. I always seem to do that! This time, however, I am getting past that. When I hit the 20 pound mark, I’ll be doing good!
  3. Be able to speak better to people. That doesn’t make that much sense, does it? Well, that’s also what you’d probably be thinking if we were speaking face to face or on the phone. I just simply suck at verbal communication, especially if I don’t know you well. Apparently, that’s one of the drawbacks of being an introvert. I know I need to slow down, allow myself to think and formulate the sentences before I begin speaking them. That will help keep me from stopping in the middle of a sentence, grasping wildly in my brain for a word, and help stop me from spewing discombobulated phrases. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on the receiving end of one of those “OMG, is she not able to speak correctly? Is she nuts? How do I disengage from this conversation, and will she get the hint or will she follow me, still yammering?” looks. It’s embarrassing! So yes – I need to retrain myself to just slow down. And if people won’t wait to listen to what I say, so be it. They probably wouldn’t have listened had I spoken clearly within a few seconds, either.
  4. Get back into photography. I used to take pictures all day, every day. The past year or so, I’ve really slowed down on that. I still take pictures, but I want to do more, and I want to play in Photoshop more. I have a ton of magazines and tutorial CDs for the program – I just need to set aside time to mess around with all of it!
  5. Make time for crafty things. Another hobby I love that’s fallen to the wayside. I love cross stitch and other types of needlework. I love painting, though I don’t think I’m very good at it. I love trying to put things together. Hecks, we turned most of our dining room, small as it is, into a crafty area – and I’ve barely used it this year! Maybe I’ll make the goal of sharing things I make on this blog, too. (Why not – it’s a lifestyle blog, after all!)

This makes me wonder what goals you guys have for yourselves. I bet some really interesting ones are floating around out there.

Have a great Sunday!


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About That 5K

I used to think there was no way I’d be able to do a 5K. No way! I mean, me run 3.1 miles? Okay… me walk 3.1 miles, even? Yeah, sure – I used to walk all over the place, every day, all the time. That was before I gained all this weight, though. No way could I do it!

In 2011, though, I decided what the hell – I was going to try and walk the 5K at the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon, even though I hadn’t been walking regularly for over a year. (I lived in Oklahoma City then.) The first time I ever went to a health & fitness expo was that year to pick up my race packet. I was surprised it wasn’t just full of jocks and people I’d have absolutely nothing in common with. One of the ladies with a runner’s magazine (I can’t remember which) began talking with me, and when she found out I was going to try the 5K, she said “Remember – no matter what, at least you tried. That’s more than many people can say.” Goofy me got all choked up over that!

The morning of the race was filled with lightning and thunder, and I was filled with paranoia and anxiety. What if I can’t find a parking space? What if I have to walk a mile and a half to the starting line and then can’t walk much more? What if I can’t even find the starting line? Do I even belong with these people? I can barely Continue reading “About That 5K”