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Help From The Book Doctor!

This book is exactly what I needed…

The publisher’s blurb:

A collection of cures for writer’s block, plotting and characterization issues, and other ailments writers face when completing a novel or memoir, prescribed by the director of creative writing at Ohio University.

People want to write the book they know is inside of them, but they run into stumbling blocks that trouble everyone from beginners to seasoned writers. Drawing on his years of teaching at both the university level and at writing workshops across the country, Professor Dinty W. Moore dons his book-doctor hat to present an authoritative guide to curing the issues that truly plague writers at
all levels. His hard-hitting handbook provides inspiring solutions for diagnoses such as character anemia, flat plot, and silent voice, and is peppered with flashes of Moore’s signature wit and unique take on the writing life.

“Writing a novel is a daunting task, a labyrinth filled with thorny obstacles of all kinds. The Story Cure provides tonics for many of the ailments that can plague a novel, but most importantly, it probes the key part of any creative endeavor: the heart of the story.”
— Grant Faulkner, Executive Director of National Novel Writing Month

What I thought of it:

First off, if Grant Faulkner is giving it kudos, I figure it’s got to be pretty good. And it is.

From the very first paragraph, my hunger for writing awoke, and I kept turning the pages until I was done. This book is funny, warm, and gives very practical (sometimes hard to hear) advice. He explains how to find the “voice” of your writing, which is something many of us have struggled with. He talks about the book as a living body, with heart, eyes and ears, and a skeleton – and explains what each thing means and why each is so important.

I have a ton of writing books on my shelves, just like most people who hope to really be writers one day. I don’t think this one will be relegated to the shelves in the near future – it will have a little place on my desk so I can reach for it when I need Prof. Moore’s advice.



**I was sent this copy from Blogging for Books in exchange for my fair and honest opinion.**



Syd is a Midwestern girl who doesn’t think the term “girl” is sexist in the least – especially after she left her 20s. She holds a huge love for history (from WWI through the end of WWII, Victorian, Regency, and Elizabethan eras), some science fiction, and likes to pass the time reading, working with photography and needlework, and writing things. Lots of things. Syd likes to dance, too, but she looks like an utter goob doing so!

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