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Hey, Is That Spring Out There???

Sunday evening, I used Target gift cards I’d hoarded for a few years to purchase the new-ish (but new to Target!) Garmin Vivosmart HR. It came home with me, was plugged in and charged, and on my wrist in a few hours.

Then I decided to pair it with my LG V10 phone.

The original Vivosmart has you pressing down on the screen until it shows it’s ready. The HR has a button, so I pressed down on that. I saw a countdown, and assumed it was going into the right mode – it was a darkened room and I couldn’t read the teensy lettering that well. The thing turned off. Okay, I say to myself, no big deal. I press on the button again to turn it back on.


I hold the button down for a bit.


I repeat these things at varying intervals of hold-down-time, and even pass it to Hims to try and get it to turn on.


Not when it was plugged in to the computer, plugged in to the wall, standing alone…. all nothing. I even left it plugged in to the computer overnight (even though my PC wasn’t recognizing it) to see if that would get it to turn on in the morning. Need I say what happened?

So Garmin gets a call from me. A very nice gentleman listens to my issue with the product, and suggests a few things, all of which I’d already done. He tells me I should take it back to the store for an exchange. He’d heard of this happening rarely, and had only had one other customer himself that had this problem. I laugh and say “So I was lucky enough to find a lemon?” He laughs as well, agreeing.

Back to Target that evening for an exchange, and this one (so far!) seems to be working really well. The only complaint I have is that I have to wear it high on my wrist, above the wrist bone (I like wearing them below the bone, settled near my hand), and the hard tracker part presses on the bone at times. Ouch. I could wear it below the bone, but apparently that doesn’t give a good heart rate reading.

It’s pretty lightweight, although it’s a big large. Well, I guess it’s about the same size as a regular watch, and since this has a watch feature on it, it gets a pass. The band is a softer rubbery material now – more like a watchband than the last ones I had were. (I had the VivoFit2 and the original VivoSmart before.) One of the ladies at Weight Watchers last night asked me why I chose the Garmin over the FitBit HR, which is what Weight Watchers is selling in their meeting rooms now, and my answer was very simple: I can swim with this on. The FitBit isn’t waterproof at all. It’s barely water-resistant. I’ve heard of it having issues just from being in the rain on your wrist. I’m not saying they are all like that – I have a marathon-running friend who likes hers, and she has actually been in the pool with it on and sweated bucketloads during intense workouts, and her FitBit still works fine. I just don’t want to take that chance – plus I’m kinda partial to Garmin, anyway. 🙂

2016 03 6 Garmin Vivosmart HR




Syd is a Midwestern girl who doesn’t think the term “girl” is sexist in the least – especially after she left her 20s. She holds a huge love for history (from WWI through the end of WWII, Victorian, Regency, and Elizabethan eras), some science fiction, and likes to pass the time reading, working with photography and needlework, and writing things. Lots of things. Syd likes to dance, too, but she looks like an utter goob doing so!

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