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The Sephora Epic Rewards Fail – Their Fix

For some reason yesterday, I got it in my mind to try and find out what Sephora had decided to do about their “epic rewards fail” back on August 10. (I remember that date. It’s my birthday. A birthday I spent practically all day sitting at my computer trying to get the makeup case I wanted. Moar Fail!) See, Sephora had sent out an email in response to the emails they received – specifically to those who had emailed them – promising to respond by September 1. I never caught the email they sent on August 25 to me: 

Hello from your friends at Sephora,

Our Beauty Insiders, like you, are of enormous importance to us, and we deeply appreciate that you reached out. Please again accept our apologies that you were not able to participate in our Epic Rewards promotion on August 10th. The demand simply far exceeded what we expected based on our prior events.

In light of this, we want to offer you a $50 promotional gift* that can be used toward any online merchandise purchase from through September 30, 2015. We hope that you enjoy it.

There is no minimum purchase needed and this is a one-time use code. In order to put the offer to use, please type in ######### at checkout and, as always, any orders of $50 or more ship for free.

We truly value the relationship we have with you, and we want you to remain a part of the Sephora community of beauty lovers. Please know that we are using our learnings from this experience as we plan for future promotions to continue to show our valuable Beauty Insiders how much you mean to us.

This includes that we continue every day to make the experience of shopping with us more fun, exciting and convenient from always seeking out the hottest and most effective new beauty products to our focus on sampling and our fair return policy. Additionally, at the core of the Sephora experience, our Beauty Advisors love working with our clients, learning what you are looking for right now and sharing what we have that is the best in the world of beauty—customized especially for you. We invite you to visit one of our stores, and while you are there, you can of course enjoy one of our free services in our Beauty Studios, ranging from Mini Makeovers to classes.

Thank you for your ongoing support of Sephora.

The Beauty Insider Team


Erm, good damn thing I got a wild hair up my butt and started looking and Googling, huh? Since I would have been Completely. Put. Out. had October 1 rolled around and I then discovered this. That’s a free $50.00 worth of Sephora stuff, dangit.

Of course, I go look at the site. And look. And look and look and look. Lots of stuff I want, but I can’t decide! Should I get the $50.00 toner from AmorePacific? Should I get a couple of the foaming cleansers from Dr. Jart+ and compare them with the GLAMGLOW I got in my PLAY box? Should I piddle around and find lots of fun little things like nail polish and lipsticks? Believe me, things have been tossed into my basket and yanked out of my basket so much it’s a good thing no one has to restock – I’d have already been kicked out of the store!

Why is it so hard to make a decision with free money? Sheesh!

Finally, I decide to go for the AmorePacific Treatment Toner for $50.00, because I would never spend that much money on a product I was just trying out, and the Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Trans-Foam Clay in Moisturizing Pink for $15.00, because I would like to compare it with the GLAMGLOW stuff.

Have any of you tried either of these before? Hoping they are as good as… well, as I am hoping they are!




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