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Maybe Some Korean Beauty Products? (Because Ipsy Is Really Late!)

According to DHL, my Ipsy bag for September was sent out on September 10. They said it should be here Tuesday. YAY! Today, however, is Thursday, and as of this mail delivery (since they pass it on to the USPS) it hasn’t arrived. BOO!

To mollify myself, I started Googling places around Southwestern Ohio that might offer Korean beauty products. I’ve never tried any, but keep seeing beauty bloggers just rave about them. I know – I’m not in Los Angeles any more, nor am I in New York City. Good luck finding a store that carries these things, right? Besides the few things Sephora has, I mean. But I might be in luck – there’s a Korean store in the town we are going to be in this afternoon, and it might just carry some of these things. I’m hoping so! If I’m successful in my hunt, I’ll definitely post about it and what I think of the things on here.

I’ve seen some of the complexion care items that have… ugh… snail stuff in them. Like 92% snail stuff. Do I really want that on my face? Okay, so I’ll try it if it’s not stupidly expensive for this trip. After all, I just saw a You Tube video with Michelle Phan where she explains it’s not really snail parts, but that they have the snails crawling around in giant tanks, and then come by and Squeegee the mucus the snails have left behind on the glass. That’s how the stuff is made. Yummm… snail mucus on my cheeks… I’m sure Hims will want to kiss me after that!

In case this trip turns out to be a bust, and there are no offerings down in Cincinnati at Jungle Jim’s, I’ll suck in my breath and take a chance at just ordering online. Thankfully, in my browsings I came across Yazzi’s blog where she has generously made a post about reputable places to purchase Korean cosmetics. I think I’ll try Peach & Lily first, and then maybe Beauteque. I like how Peach & Lily looks and navigates.

Now I am looking even more forward to my trip to Los Angeles (when it will be, I’m not sure yet), because I can go snoop around a few of the Korean shops there, like Palace Beauty. That’s right above the Vermont/ Wilshire Red Line station according to one Yelp user. I used to take the trains allll the time when I lived there, so this is a total plus for me.

See, Ipsy? You shoulda got my September bag to me yesterday or today, because now I’ve got plans to check out other spendies!




Syd is a Midwestern girl who doesn’t think the term “girl” is sexist in the least – especially after she left her 20s. She holds a huge love for history (from WWI through the end of WWII, Victorian, Regency, and Elizabethan eras), some science fiction, and likes to pass the time reading, working with photography and needlework, and writing things. Lots of things. Syd likes to dance, too, but she looks like an utter goob doing so!

2 thoughts on “Maybe Some Korean Beauty Products? (Because Ipsy Is Really Late!)

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Peach and Lily is really amazing and (if I remember correctly) they include free samples with their orders so you get extra goodies. 😉 I definitely recommend trying the snail products, though, for real! They usually aren’t any goopier than something that’s made with certain plant extracts. You can pretend it’s aloe 😉 haha! Keep us updated on your haul! I always love reading what other people are trying out 🙂

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    1. Thank you for going to the trouble of posting all the shop links on your blog! It’s given me a place to start, and I know these are tried and true. Even though Hims already nixed sleeping in the same room with me if I have snail on my face (LOL), I really, really want to try it. I saw a $10 tube on Peach & Lily I might order if I can’t find it here. And you bet I’ll show my haul, however small it might be! 🙂

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