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Sephora Update: My Email

Sephora sent out a tweet at some point, which I discovered on some site that was reporting about the Sephora Fiasco, giving out an email address for people who wanted to write in and complain about the Epic Rewards “amusement”. In case you don’t have it yet and need it: If you’d like, this is the link to where I found the information.

I doubt I’ll really get more of a response than the canned email I was sent moments after sending my note, but at least I tried. Below is my email:

 Hello, Sephora ~

I am one of the hundreds, if not thousands, of customers who felt cheated on Monday, as well as one of the many who blogged about it that day. I’m in the East, and woke at 2:30 in the morning to hopefully redeem over 2000 points I’ve been saving for something like this. Thankfully it only took just over an hour for me to find a note someone put on their blog about the rewards going live sometime during business hours, so I could get a little more sleep – even though I’d already woken my husband with my alarm.

I sat in front of my computer, refreshing and refreshing, from before 8am my time until after 3pm – when I sat there and refreshed a few more times, floored that EVERYTHING was gone within about 90 seconds. I can understand only one or two trips to paris or NYC, but I was wanting the train case with the Sephora products in it, and figured there would be a decent amount of those, at least. What happened?? Those were gone before half the other things on the 2000 page!

I’m with everyone else when they say that the 100, 200, and 500 points rewards are just cheap. Please – most of the time we can get the same stuff through Birchbox or Glossybox or others like that. Why would we want to spend the equivalent of $100 or $500 (in points) on deluxe samples we can get for $10 ar $20 each month? If you want to keep with that, cool. But can we please maybe have some 750 or 1000 point rewards (and not just for Rouge customers, please) that are really good bonuses? Hell, I’d fork over 1000 points right now for that train case WITHOUT all the makeup and goodies! Even if it’s your brand, a little box of eyeshadows, or a nail art kit (like the one I just nabbed on sale on your site), or three lipsticks with coordinating liners – something like that for 750 would be super.

I won’t boycott your stores like so many others say they will. First off, I don’t have a Nordstrom’s or Bloomingdales within 6 hours of my home! 🙂 And I’ve tried a couple different Ulta stores, where the employees are some of the rudest, most belligerent people I’ve encountered – and their selection is crap. If things don’t get better, though, I do have the choice of shopping Bloomie’s or Nordstrom’s online, as well as going to Von Maur (a comparable regional department store) by my house. I may not be able to get some of the things I want, and I will miss the fun of the Sephora experience, but I’d rather do that than feel as though my patronage is taken for granted by Sephora. I know it isn’t seen that way elsewhere.

Thank you for reading this,

And here is the response they sent me within seconds of my pressing send:

To Our Valued Beauty Insider,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Epic Rewards. Despite our best efforts to predict the response, demand was overwhelming, resulting in our being out of stock very quickly. We deeply regret this and apologize. We are currently reviewing each case and will respond to you by September 1, 2015.

Please know that we are committed to learning from this experience. Thank you for your ongoing support. We greatly appreciate you.



Client Services

I really, really hope they do some good things here, and not just for their Rouge customers. yes, it’s wonderful you can spend all that money and get to VIB Rouge status each year, but that’s just not possible for many of us. And we would like to have better rewards, too! As I said in my email, we can get these things in subscription boxes now each month. Why would we want to spend a bunch of money at a store that will make us pay a lot of points for the same samples?

I’m not holding my breath, though.

(Oh – and more about my visits to Ulta in an upcoming post!)





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