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Weigh-In on a Saturday and Walking!

Early Saturday morning, I got up and got ready to go over to Weight Watchers for my weekly weigh-in. It’s usually on Wednesday nights, but a horrific crash stopped traffic on the freeway and Hims didn’t get home until right about when the meeting began.

I did it – I hit my 10 pounds lost mark! Very proud of myself for that. This gives me two more pounds before I hit my 5% mark. I would love to get that this Wednesday, but I won’t dry if it takes another week. (Another two or three weeks won’t make me too happy, though…)

I’ve been really out there, making myself walk nearly every day, too. One month ago, I could barely make it halfway around the block, walking at a slow pace, without stopping and hitting my inhaler. Today I can jog – not run yet, but jog – without my heart feeling like it’s going to pound a hole in my ribs, and rarely needing my inhaler. Granted, I’m mostly walking and then only jogging for 30 – 45 seconds, then walking again, but it’s SO much better than it was just 30 days ago! I kept wanting to quit back then, disgusted that I couldn’t do anything. I kept going because damned if I am going to go to my 4th Air Force Marathon 5k and embarrass myself again by having to stop at the top of The Hill and jumpstart my lungs with albuterol!

My time for one mile today was 27 minutes. Very slow, but I intend on bringing it down to at least 20 minutes so I can hopefully get to the finish line in just under an hour this year. I’m thinking that as I lose more pounds, I’ll be able to pick up the pace a bit more. Hey – I was just hauling around 100 extra pounds. Now I’m hauling around only 90 extra pounds. Even if I lose ten more by mid-September, that will be 80 pounds extra I have to lug around while I walk – and that’s a good thing!

We all just need to keep going – even a little bit counts! Even when we’d rather goof off in front of the computer or watch something on television, just do something first. Little somethings add up into big somethings!




Syd is a Midwestern girl who doesn’t think the term “girl” is sexist in the least – especially after she left her 20s. She holds a huge love for history (from WWI through the end of WWII, Victorian, Regency, and Elizabethan eras), some science fiction, and likes to pass the time reading, working with photography and needlework, and writing things. Lots of things. Syd likes to dance, too, but she looks like an utter goob doing so!

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