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Another Bucket List Item For Memorial Day Weekend

Sunday came, and Hims took me up to Wapakoneta, Ohio, to the Armstrong Air & Space Museum, a treasure trove of things about the space program, the moon landing, and Neil Armstrong. I have been a space geek ever since I was a little girl. After all, I upstaged Apollo VIII  by discovering my hands as astronauts Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders discovered what it was like to fly around the moon! Okay – so only my family remarked on my discovery. It was still pretty cool.

The museum is in decent shape, though you can see its age and that it could use an infusion of a quarter of a million dollars or so, something I wouldn’t mind helping with once I receive that lottery money that’s going to be coming my way. At the entrance is one wall of flight history, and the opposite wall showing all the astronauts from Ohio. There have been 29 astronauts from Ohio so far, including John Glenn (first American in Earth orbit, oldest person to make a space flight, and U.S. Senator), Judith Resnick (died in the Challenger disaster), and Neil Armstrong (first person to fly a spacecraft onto the moon, and first person to walk on the moon).  So yeah – lots of photos on that wall!

2015 05 24 1 Sputnik
Replica of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite of Earth.

The Gemini VIII Capsule.
The Gemini VIII Capsule, mission commanded by Neil Armstrong.


Looking up a long, dark hallway...
Looking up a long, dark hallway…



Neil Armstrong's backup suit for the Apollo XI mission.
Neil Armstrong’s backup suit for the Apollo XI mission.

This is the backup spacesuit for Apollo XI, the moon landing mission. The card next to it says the suit weighs 190 pounds on Earth, but only 32 pounds on the moon.


Fun with a scale!
Fun with a scale!

With shoes, jean shorts, change in my pocket, etc., I weighed in at 236.1 pounds that morning. Thankfully the talking scale didn’t announce that to the world! It went on to tell me that, had I been on the moon, I would have weighed 39.3 pounds, and on Mars I would have weighed about what I did in junior high – 92.0 pounds!

The museum features an interesting thirty minute video with footage of the moon landing I’d never seen before. If you happen to be around Wapakoneta, or find yourself driving through the area, you should take a couple hours out and go check out the museum. (I learned later it has a AAA discount, too – bonus!)







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