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Friday Photography: Miamisburg Mound

Yes, again it’s not Friday. I know! But it’s somebody’s Friday for their workweek somewhere, so that counts.

Cuz I said.

A few days before Thanksgiving last year, Hims and I took a little drive and found ourselves at the Miamisburg Mound. The Miamisburg Mound is the largest conical earthwork in Ohio, and during excavation in 1869 it was discovered to be the burial place of at least one bark-covered skeleton about eight feet down, with an empty vault twenty-eight feet below that surrounded by logs. Historians believe this was the work of the Adena people, who are said to have lived in this area in prehistoric times (1000 B.C. to 400 A.D.)


2014 11 23 Miamisburg Mound
The Miamisburg Mound, still quite a walk away from it.

That's me, looking out over the landscape!
That’s me, looking out over the landscape!


We actually walked – I mean hiked! – all the way up the 116 steps to the top, which is more than three feet shorter than what the mound originally was. (The beginning of the excavation sheared off the top of the mound before deciding to try it a different way.) It took me awhile, and I had to stop and catch my breath three different times. Hey – I made it, though! I was a bit envious of an older gentleman who was taking his exercise there that morning, jogging up and down the stairs a number of times while we visited. Not sure if I’ll ever get to that point.


Hi! Isn't the view amazing from up here?
Hi! Isn’t the view amazing from up here?


I’m hoping to get back to the Mound sometime soon, to take photos of it while it’s all green and covered in grass and wildflowers. Maybe take a picnic with us!





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